Co-prosperity with the Locals:To Promote Regional Vitalization

Adhering to the spirit of co-prosperity, SRE strives to go hand in hand with the local government promoting regional vitalization and sight-seeing tours, entering partnership with the local communities and environmental groups.

In 2016, even before the Environmental Impact Assessment took place, SRE has advocated the practice of training fishermen as marine mammal observers, and subsequently trained the first patch of 25 fishermen who were also keen observers on whales and dolphins, which itself is an unprecedented act in Taiwan.

From 2020 on, SRE again led to realize the concept of regional vitalization, bringing mobile diners, street performance and trendy open air cinema to Longfeng Fishing Port. Just within two years, SRE’s Open-Air Cinema has made its name amongst the arts and cultural activities along the coast of Miaoli County. Besides successfully promoting the sightseeing tours of fishing port, all these functions also enhanced the local micro-economical development. At the same time, we also took part in Slow Fish Seashore Activities Series, in collaboration with Miaoli County Government and the Fisherman's Association, letting the local communities enter into a bond with green energy.

In days to come, we would continue to support the development of offshore wind power, encourage the public to get acquainted with the sea and new energy, and at the same time revitalize cultural assets and natural scenery.

  • 2022 Slow Fish Seashore Carnival Exhibition
  • SRE Open-Air Cinema 3.0
  • 2021 Slow Fish Seashore Carnival Exhibition
  • SRE Open-Air Cinema 2.0
  • SRE Open-Air Cinema
  • Slow Fish Seashore Green Energy Sharing Session