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Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Farm

Formosa 5

Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Farm is the first floating offshore wind project eligible to participate in the auction of Taiwan’s Phase 3 Zonal Development. This large-scale project is jointly invested and developed by Synera Renewable Energy (SRE) and the other members of the “Taiwan Team.” With a maximum installed capacity of 1,536 MW, Formosa 5 will be located 20 kilometers off the coast of Houlong Township, Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan.

Compared with bottom-fixed foundations, floating foundations allow access to waters deeper than 50 meters and offer greater environmental benefits of less noise and relatively minor impact on the marine environment as pile driving of foundations is not required. Furthermore, as floating wind turbines can be pre-assembled onshore, risks of offshore construction and the time required for foundation installation are significantly reduced.

SRE will seize the opportunity to be a forerunner of floating wind power. By planning and promoting floating wind farms as well as fostering the supply chain, we hope to develop floating wind technology for Taiwan, which will enable the local offshore wind industry to tap into the international market and stay at the forefront of the global trend.

Formosa 5 is still in the process of obtaining relevant government permits, and when completed and in commercial operation, it is expected to power nearly one million households per year.