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Formosa 4 & Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Farms

Formosa 4 & Formosa 5

Formosa 4 and Formosa 5 offshore wind farms which will be located 18 to 20 kilometers off the coast of Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan are two new large-scale projects jointly invested and developed by Synera Renewable Energy (SRE) and the other members of the “Taiwan Team.”

After taking part in the development and construction of Formosa 1, Taiwan’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm, and Formosa 2, remaining optimistic about the potential of developing offshore wind power in the Taiwan Strait, SRE announced in September 2020 a large-scale portfolio comprised of Formosa 4-2, and Formosa 4-3 offshore wind farms also in waters off the coast of Miaoli County.

Afterward, following the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ promulgation of the bidding mechanism under the Directions of Grid Capacity Allocation for Offshore Wind Energy Zonal Development for the third phase, SRE adjusted the development strategy for the next three years. Accordingly, the fixed-bottom offshore wind project “Formosa 4-3” and the floating offshore wind project “Formosa 4-2” were renamed “Formosa 4” and “Formosa 5” respectively. In addition, we created a unique corporate identity system for each project, which not only builds the brand identity for this portfolio, but also clearly demonstrates the technical characteristic and positioning of each project, thereby making them shine their own light.

With a potential installed capacity of over 2.6 GW, Formosa 4 and Formosa 5 combined can power up to nearly 3 million households upon completion. This development plan adopts the forward-thinking design of floating foundations; actively promotes the localization of technology and knowledge to facilitate the development of local supply chains; appropriately responds to the government’s expectations for localization; and creates exceptional opportunities for Taiwan to learn the international standards and specifications of development, business, manufacturing, and installation in the offshore wind sector. Thus, leading local suppliers were eyeing this portfolio and keen to invest in the projects, which eventually contributed to the inception of the “Taiwan Team.”

Formed by SRE, Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology, Yeong Guan Energy, and J&V Energy Technology, the Taiwan Team is a consortium comprised of a leading local developer and suppliers, the first of its kind in Taiwan. The team aims at developing offshore wind power independently and localizing the supply chain, hoping that by working toward a common goal in the offshore wind projects and bringing together expertise in development, manufacturing, technology, construction, and O&M, the partnership can open up new vistas for the next stage of offshore wind development and for the national energy transition.

Formosa 4 and Formosa 5 are expected to commence after passing the EIA, obtaining permits required by the government, having project contracts in place, and reaching financial close. It is hoped that the two offshore wind projects will enter commercial operations upon completion in the near future.

SRE actively supports the government's aspiration to make the offshore wind industry the new backbone of the country’s economy. We have always been willing to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, integrate the Taiwan Team’s resources to achieve synergy, nurture talent, and build the industrial cluster to help Taiwan establish a firm foothold in the global offshore wind market.