Common Good with the Communities:Enhancing the Bonds with the Communities

In addition to promoting green energy, the core value of SRE is sustainability. Besides constructing sustainable energy and environment, we hope to take part in the sustainability of community development.

From 2014 on, SRE has collaborated with “Brother Ah-Ping Welfare Association” to take care of the solitary and underprivileged elderly, via the Winter Warming Action and other social-welfare activities, providing support to the vulnerable groups. Projects, such as “Home-schooling” and “Pandemic Prevention Together”, were organized during the outbreak of Covid-19, and corporation resources were poured in to support the local social-welfare groups reaching out.

In the future, SRE will continue to go hand in hand with the local groups to support the community development, providing warmth and energy, in one way or another.

  • “Love Express” Series:“Fire Brigade Warming Up” Project
  • “Love Express” Series:“Epidemic Prevention Together” Project
  • “Love Express” Series:“Home-schooling” Project
  • In collaboration with “Brother Ah-Ping Welfare Association” to support underprivileged groups.