Corporate Sustainability

While the globe is on the trend of energy transition, we have to employ green energy, which itself being a vital means to carbon reduction and net zero emissions, as we strive to achieve sustainability. Being a pioneer in the development of offshore wind farm in Taiwan, the long-term goal of SRE is to witness a win-win outcome for both habitants and environment. We hope that one day, via green energy, a sustainable life style would be realized on our land, and at the same time that Taiwan’s experience in exploring the new energy would spread across the whole Asia.

In line with such concept, SRE works hard through the attempts of “environmental education”, “regional vitalization” and “community linkage” to create mutual well-being and prosperity for both habitants and environment. This is the core concern of SRE, thus also a promise to keep for our land and the upcoming generation.

Harmony with the Environment:Environmental Education Takes Root

We believe that, in order to raise the awareness of new energy and eco-friendly actions, the concept of sustainability related with energy has to take root. First of all, we seek co-operation with the elementary schools. Through the interactive teaching, students would have a better grasp of offshore wind power and green energy which are rather closely tied in with our daily life. Hopefully, the significance of environmental harmony would impress the young minds. Then we also collaborate with the universities and colleges, holding forums and seminars, so as to nurture a new generation of green collar leadership.

Co-prosperity with the Locals:To Promote Regional Vitalization

SRE is very concerned with the connection between the wind farm site and the locals. Besides employing fishermen as marine mammal observers in 2016 for our offshore wind projects, which itself is an unprecedented practice in Taiwan, we also co-operate with Miaoli County Government and the Fisherman's Association to hold various functions, such as SRE Open-Air Cinema and The Slow Fish Movement, celebrating the fishing port scenery as well as promoting local economic-cultural tours.

Common Good with the Communities:Enhancing the Bonds with the Communities

Besides endorsing environmental sustainability, in the process of promoting green energy, we are deeply concerned with social sustainability. From 2014 on, SRE has co-operated with the non-governmental organizations of Miaoli County to assist the underprivileged groups. Through the project of “Love Express” series, we help support local organizations, providing various resources in time.