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SRE and local partners join forces to form the Taiwan Team 2.0

Taipei, September 26th, 2022 -Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE), the leading offshore wind developer in Taiwan, convened a supplier event for Formosa 4 and Formosa 5 offshore wind projects on September 26. At the event, SRE officially announced that the “Taiwan Team” has been expanded and upgraded to the “Taiwan Team 2.0,” an unprecedented collaboration featuring existing members of the Taiwan Team and over 30 suppliers, banks, and insurance companies. The new suppliers come from six key industries in the local offshore wind supply chain, namely electrical equipment, underwater foundations, wind turbine components, vessels and maritime construction, ports, and engineering design. The Taiwan Team 2.0 will jointly develop the two large offshore wind farms located off the coast of Miaoli County, exert all efforts to reinforce the offshore wind supply chain cluster, and bolster Taiwan’s capability of developing offshore wind energy independently. The shared aspiration of the members is to gain a foothold in the offshore wind market in Asia and go international with the vast experience and advanced technology acquired in Taiwan.

Since taking the lead in developing offshore wind power in Taiwan in 2012, SRE has been through different main stages of the industry, from demonstration wind turbines and demonstration wind farms to wind farms on potential sites. Based on the extensive, first-hand experience, SRE has successfully established a framework encompassing everything from wind farm development and construction to operation and maintenance. Most importantly, this framework is designed especially for the local environment and industry ecosystems of Taiwan and will continue to be employed for Phase 3 Offshore Wind Zonal Development. Back in the day, when the industry was struggling to build demonstration wind farms in Taiwan, SRE grasped the nettle to act as a pioneer, introducing offshore wind technology from abroad and drawing on the lessons learned from the experience of other countries. This time, in addition to actively facilitating the technical collaboration between Taiwanese companies and foreign enterprises, we invited more local partners from various sectors, ranging from design, engineering, equipment, and environmental monitoring to banking, insurance, and law. The decade of experience of growing and thriving with local suppliers has enabled SRE to firmly support the government’s local content policy. It is expected that, by seizing the long-term golden opportunities created by the zonal development phase, the local offshore wind supply chain will lay the cornerstone for entering the Asian market and ultimately the international market.

To fulfill the local content requirements, in 2021, SRE invited Yeongguan Group, J&V Energy Technology, and Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology to form the “Taiwan Team,” a consortium comprised of a leading local developer and suppliers, the first of its kind in Taiwan. This year, we took one step further by joining forces with partners from the six key industries in the offshore wind supply chain to advance the Taiwan Team, aiming at accelerating the integration of the industry chain across interfaces and pushing forward Formosa 4 and Formosa 5 offshore wind projects.

“I am very pleased to welcome partners from the six key industries in the local offshore wind supply chain as well as banks to the gathering for Formosa 4 and Formosa 5, our two offshore wind projects for the zonal development phase. Thank you very much for being here with us today. As a local developer with a decade of experience to call on, SRE will bring together important partners in the supply chain, and together, we will contribute our expertise to the development of Taiwan’s green energy and the Phase 3 Offshore Wind Zonal Development, and ultimately, we will build an offshore wind industry ready to go global,” stated Lucas Lin, chairperson of SRE.

Besides the determination to develop Formosa 4 Offshore Wind Project, SRE and the “Taiwan Team 2.0” have also been actively pushing forward Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Project which recently passed the preliminary EIA review and became the only floating offshore wind project eligible for the Phase 3 Zonal Development. It is worth highlighting that the adoption of floaters for Formosa 5 is unprecedented in Taiwan. Concurrently, we continue collaborating closely with domestic suppliers and engineering companies and working hard to create a more comprehensive local content plan by acquiring the technology. With floating wind turbines, Formosa 5 will not only reach deeper waters, but also reduce the impact on the marine environment caused by driving piles into the seabed. It is hoped that the international collaboration for Formosa 5 will facilitate the acquisition of the core technology for Taiwan.

Stretching over approximately 85 square kilometers with the shortest distance to shore of around 20 kilometers, Formosa 4 Offshore Wind Farm will be located off the coast of Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan. The rated power of wind turbines to be used ranges from 9.5MW to 20MW, hence the maximum installed capacity of 1,104MW. Covering approximately 157 square kilometers, Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Farm will be located off the coast of Houlong Township, Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan at water depths of 65-80 meters, and the shortest distance to the shore will be around 20 kilometers. The rated power of wind turbines falls between 9.5MW and 20MW, and the maximum installed capacity is expected to reach 1,536MW. After receiving the required government permits, completing the construction, and entering commercial operations, based on the estimation of 2,600MW, the two offshore wind farms will be able to power 2.6 million households per year.